Landfill Gas Construction

Landfill Gas Construction

Landfill Gas To
Renewable Natural Gas

Electricity Generation

Direct Use

A complete solution through a consultative approach that includes Design, Build, Own, Operate and Maintain

Landfill Gas Construction

Landfill Group is the industry leader in landfill gas construction bringing a unique approach to the development of landfill gas to energy (LFE) utilizing a vast knowledge base and long history in the industry.  

Build It Like We Own It

Our Approach To Landfill Gas Construction Projects

Every landfill gas construction project we are involved with is built like we are going to own it because as an experienced developer, we know the importance of quality work as well as quality equipment to maximize your ROI.

Because of this, we have a family of companies that can handle the entire construction process.  Since pioneering the LFE industry over 30 years ago, we have been a part of over 50 different landfill gas to energy projects.  We are able to build a tailored solution to each landfill construction project we work on. 

Our Proven Landfill Gas Construction Process

With over 30 years of experience in constructing landfill gas projects, we have developed a process that has been refined and perfected to ensure that projects are delivered on-time and on-budget as well as keep all partners up-to-date throughout the entire project.


We review preliminary info and determine a fit with our landfill gas construction capabilities and core values

Formalize Relationship

Collaborate on strategic plan, define the economic consideration and execute gas rights agreement.


Engage strategic partners and complete major development.

Landfill Gas Construction

Engage with affiliated entities and partners on construction, collaborate with customer to minimize interruption and community progress with full transparency

Commercial Operation

Commence startup prioritizing safety and regulatory compliance.  Minimize environment impact and maximize production then turn over operations if applicable.

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