Standard Products

Standard Products

As the manufacturing company of the Landfill Group, we have two affiliate companies (Advanced One & Enerdyne) that allow for us to deliver a complete turn-key solution and draw on a wide range of experiences and skillsets to be able to produce a better product. We are able to take this time tested process and apply it to other projects. The equipment you get is built the same way we build it for ourselves. We always build it like we own it. That means we use only the highest quality materials to ensure sustainable operations.

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With a wide ranging skillset in the biogas space, we are here to help you develop the best system for your needs. Our standard products include:

Dehydration Skids

Chilled water dehydration systems that are scalable and designed for long term operation. Our versatile system is designed to handle the ever changing gas flows and conditions found in today’s landfills.

  • Multiple gas cooling stages
  • VFD driven multistage blowers
  • PLC Control systems
  • High capacity chillers
  • Energy efficient gas reheating stage after dehydration
  • Dew points below 38 degrees F


Siloxane Treatment Skids

ABS has designed and developed a proprietary line of siloxane and VOC removal systems for the biogas industry. The system is a temperature swings absorption process that provides a significant value proposition by extending the media life from one to three years, which greatly reduces operating costs tied to replacing media. Unlike many on the market, our unique system does not use air to regenerate the vessels, making it one of the safest available. Our design also utilizes less gas to regenerate than any system on the market reducing costly methane losses and improving efficiencies.

  • PSA / TSA
  • Dual chamber regeneration system
  • Removal media options: silica, carbon and other blends
  • PLC with HMI control system
  • 304 Stainless steel piping, vessels, fittings and hardware


Flare Skids

Candlestick flare compression skids in multiple sizes, with integration to engine, pipeline, end use, or high BTU projects.

  • PLC with HMI interface
  • High turn down flow monitoring and control devices
  • Available with digital recording and gas analysis for 
  • Demisting chamber
  • Heavy duty fabricated steel skid
  • 304 Stainless steel piping, fittings and hardware
  • Flame arrester


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