Custom Fabricated Equipment

Custom Fabricated Equipment

CO2 Removal

The core component in any high-btu renewable natural gas process is the carbon dioxide removal system. In order to provide a comprehensive plant solution including carbon dioxide removal, ABS has designed a proprietary carbon dioxide removal package featuring Evonik membranes. As an authorized Evonik distributor, ABS can offer complete, custom-built membrane systems for efficient, low operating cost carbon dioxide rejection with the design flexibility to allow customers to tune the system for maximum methane recovery.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Hydrogen sulfide removal capabilities can be tailored to your specific H2S concentrations and flow requirements. Our hydrogen sulfide removal products can be utilized in multiple biogas applications - to either help meet pipeline specifications for renewable natural gas plants or to extend engine life in power generation projects.

  • Systems can be arranged as a single standalone media-based vessel, or multiple vessels installed in a lead lag arrangement.
  • For higher levels of hydrogen sulfide, we offer an iron chelate system that will reduce the operational cost associated with media based separation technologies.

Carbon Polishing

By utilizing carbon polishing we ensure that even trace amounts of contamination in a gas can be removed to non-detect levels. Our team has developed a carbon polishing strategy that utilizes temperature control, lead lag and single pass solutions. These utilized by themselves or in conjunction provide the highest level of cleansing for both equipment protection and compliance.

Deoxidation System

ABS offers a catalyst-based deoxidization system to remove oxygen from biogas in order to meet pipeline specifications in high Btu applications.

Process Control Systems

Advanced Biogas Systems designs, program, installs and supports all the control systems required to operate the facility at the design specifications. The control systems are designed based on systems requirements to operate and are fully integrated to a variety of SCADA technologies. With the installation of adequate Ethernet capabilities, customers will be able to monitor and make any modifications to the program from a remote location vastly reducing shutdowns and expensive on-site modifications and repairs.

Sales Metering

Top quality metering/monitoring skids that are designed to monitor and quantify pipeline specifications and flows. We use the latest technology gas chromatographs to ensure sales gas meets pipeline requirements before it is delivered to a pipeline interconnection point.

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