Construction Services

Construction Services

Complete Landfill Gas Collection Systems

We are an industry leader in constructing landfill gas collection systems providing a full range of construction and quality assurance services for LFG extraction, gas migration controls, and other environmental construction projects. When we build a system, we build it like we own it.

We have the experience and skillset to handle a wide range of operations including:

  • Drilling
  • Well Construction
  • Vacuum Piping
  • Fusion Work
  • Blower-Flare Station
  • Landfill Gas to Energy
  • Operation and Maintenance

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Wellfield Construction

The most dynamic and expensive aspect of a well performing gas collection and control system is the wellfield. On an ever-changing landfill waste mass, the wells and vacuum piping must be constructed in a way to ensure the best chance at longevity. Advance One’s experience working with sister-company Enerdyne Power Systems has proven that field adjustments and value engineering a project are of the upmost importance.
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Blower/Flare Systems Installation

We understand that not all projects are created equal and some installations demand custom solutions. In addition to our standard flare products our custom flare solutions can be tailored to suit most project specific project requirements. High wind, Stringent emission requirements, fluctuating gas supply, or limited space we have you covered.

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GCCS Operation & Maintenance

At the heart of any good landfill gas collection system is a Gas Collection Control System (GCCS) which is truly the brains of the entire system. With the proper use of a GCCS, we are able to fine tune and optimize the production of energy coming from the gas collected off the landfill.

At Advance One, we are an industry leader in developing landfill gas collection systems, providing the full range of construction and quality assurance services for all elements of municipal and hazardous waste landfills and solid waste facilities, LFG extraction, and migration controls, and other environmental construction projects.

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Landfill Gas to Energy Engine Installation

With each LFG energy project the ultimate goal is to convert the landfill gas you obtain into a useful form of energy. An essential piece of equipment needed for this is a LFG to Energy engine. AdvanceOne has the expertise to design, install, and commission your LFG to Energy Engine project.

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Why AdvanceOne?

At AdvanceOne we care enough to meet the needs of our customers by taking on a consultative approach. We keep a modest crew, putting in more effort than our competition by making sure our product works well, providing a full product life cycle. We take pride in every landfill gas project and approach each project with an owners perspective which allows you to see greater results. We provide an enjoyable experience and talent you can count on.

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