Advance One

A Complete
Landfill Gas
Collection System Provider

Advance One is a part of the Landfill Group's unique team approach for Development, Construction, Manufacturing, O&M and Ownership of landfill gas projects across the country. This allows us to provide a complete solution to our customers' landfill gas needs.

Construction Services

At Advance One, we are an industry leader in developing landfill gas collection systems, providing the full range of construction and quality assurance services including:

  • Drilling
  • Well Construction
  • Vacuum Piping
  • Fusion Work
  • Blower-Flare Station
  • Landfill Gas To Energy
  • Operation and Maintenance

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Featured Projects

Advance One Development is a construction company specializing in the landfill gas industry. We have provided services to public and private landfill owners and developers since 2006.

Our construction professionals are specialized in all facets of landfill GCCS installation, construction, diagnosis and repair.

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Sample Projects

Onslow Power Producers

2.0 MW power generation facility

Installed GCCS, Flare, 2.0MW Power Plant

Scope of Work: Flare Skid, Dehydration Skid, Siloxane Treatment Skid (800 scfm)


Renewable Power Producers, LLC

GCCS and RNG plant construction

Scope of Work:


Central Kentucky Landfill

Blower flare & Office Building

Installed GCCS, Flare, 1.6MW Power Plant

Scope of Work: Flare Skid with Engine Integration (1200 scfm)


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