About Us

The Landfill Group is a family of successful companies whose ultimate asset is its people. Landfill Group was created to answer a need expressed by the landfill gas market – the ability to build a project where all vendors come together and seamlessly connect all the parts. We've been doing this for years on our own projects and have now introduced Landfill Group to bring this solution to the Landfill Gas industry.

This combination of successful companies with 30 years of experience including involvement in more than 50 projects nationwide demonstrates Landfill Group is a leader in the Landfill Gas to Energy Industry. Our combination of Development, Operations, Construction, Equipment manufacturing and Ownership of Landfill Gas Projects across the country, allows us to provide a complete solution to our customers. We have provided services to municipal and private landfill owners, other developers, all while building a strong reputation within our industry.

The Landfill Group Story

We are relied on for our expertise and knowledge in all phases of landfill gas to energy. We approach every project as if we own it ourselves and take pride in providing a quality experience – from setting the expectation during the planning process to combining innovative solutions, safety, and proven processes. We take pride in every landfill gas project we help to foster because we BUILD IT LIKE WE OWN IT.

Our Values


We support employees taking care of themselves and their families.  We encourage our employees to create a work life balance.  We foster a spirit of family in the way that we work together.


Positive relationships are built on trust, honesty, and integrity.  We tell the truth even when it is not comfortable.  Own up to your mistakes, we want to hear it from you.  Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose!


We show the same respect to others that we desire for them to show to us.  We will always be professional in the way we represent ourselves and our company.  We may not always agree, but we will always be respectful.


We do what we say we are going to do.   We are accountable.


We strive to leave our customers, employees, investors, communities, and environment in a better position than prior to our involvement.  We take care of our resources, time and assets.

Commitment To Excellence

We drive excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.

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